Friday, September 2, 2016

Weekend Junket #18


technique - glazing
texture - metal(s)
tool - found objects

What is/are found objects you ask? Well, literally, they are simply that - found objects! When you are out & about, in & around - grab an item (or two) that catches your eye and use it on/in your page/project!

Found objects can be a twig, branch, leaf, bottle cap, broken toy, glass tile, recycled item, junk mail papers, etc. Open up your mind and let your imagination and creativity take over!

Loads of inspiration out there - use the item as a stamp, a brush, a tool, embed it into your work. If you are stumped, google it! Sometimes it simply takes a photo or an article to spark your imagination...go for it!  For those of you that partook in my Mix Ur Media Kits last year, this would be a great time to pull out these kits (especially if you haven't even opened it).  January would be a good one to play with.

An artist that is amazing at using 'found objects' is Traci Bautista.  You can go to either of these two sites of prepared to get lost for a few hours - she is one talented and inspiring lady!

TreiC Designs (this is her newest site)

creativityUNLEASHED (original site, still loaded with info)

Once a Rebel...always a REBEL!

Once again I am behind the eight ball and have not had the opportunity to do this prompt ahead of time.  As you have seen in previous posts this past week I have taken a good part of this summer and made it 'all about me!' One would think that would have given me the perfect opportunity to do all these prompts...ya nope!  That would be 'work' as in I have to do it this way...I was just wanting to be rebel this summer...and I did just that! I did it my way and in my own time.

Hope you enjoy this one, see you back in two weeks with another set of prompts...maybe even a sample for some inspiration (one can only hope)!!

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