Thursday, September 1, 2016

Just a little MORE Summer Inspiration!

Are you tired of me yet?

I only have a few more to share with you, then  promise to leave you alone for a bit!

During my visit with Catie, a large shipment arrived to the shop - all the new Donna Downey Studios newest stencil release, Artistry Series!  Needless to say, I pulled a few to start playing with (yesterdays Iris one also one of them).

I once again pulled out my 6x12" homemade journal (made similar to the Donna Downey Inspiraton Wednesday Journal format ).  I roughly prepped a two page spread including the insert with Black Gesso.

Once it was dry, I pulled out the Cone Flower stencil.  I wanted to try two different paints to see how they would look on the black gesso'd base.  The first one was using Dina Wakley Media Heavy Body Paint in Fuchsia.  I used this on the petals, then used a mix of Elephant and Evergreen (obviously more Elephant) for the 'cone.'  The stem I used DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylic Interference Green.

The next one, I used everything the same except for the petals in which I used DecoArt (Americana Decor) Chalky Finish Paint in Inheritance (yellow).

Sadly, this is where these are still sitting - thinking I might want to doodle/scribble on them, but really do not want to do too much more on them.  I know they are 'flat' and could use some depth...but I am still working on that part of my painting.  I will get there one day...just not today!

INSERT IMPORTANT INSPIRATION NOTICE:  If you haven't been following along with Donna Downey (Facebook, Blog, Instagram), she had a phenomenal segment called Stencil Mania going on for the full month of August.  She had six designers/artists each do a set number of videos using certain stencils from this new release (there were 17 new stencils released in July).  Head over to her Blog or YouTube channel for all the inspiration and sharing!

This next was one I was attempting to actually do using prompts from one of the Weekend Junkets (#16 I believe).

I used my moleskine/canson sketchbook journal and prepped the page with a good coat of white gesso.  I took out a sheet of Kaisercraft printed paper from the Base Coat Series, this one was called Redwood. As I started tearing the sheet I got an idea of using the Tim Holtz Layering Stencil Woodgrain (THS023).

I decided to use some Super Heavy Gesso as I had an idea that I thought would be really cool...

I moved the stencil around the two page spread, overlapping where I could and trying to leave the center open where the torn paper would eventually go.

I adhered the paper down using gel medium, being sure to leave the torn edges exposed where I could.  Is it just me or does the paper not look like bacon?

K, now this is where the page goes a tad south....

I sprayed a mix of Stencil1 Ink Sprays and Lindy's.  I used mostly Stencil1 as they are way more potent and maintain their colors much better when dry.  

Can you say...blood bath?! Ugh, Ick, Yuck...take your pick!

Super Heavy Gesso to the rescue!

I made sure I put on a good coat, but also scraped along the previous stencil markings in hope to get more texture. 

Now I thought I might try an Ombre look, so out came the Heavy Body Acrylics.  Using my palette knife, I scraped on layer roughly of Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic in Cadium Yellow Medium Hue.  Had to let it dry an hour or so at this point. 

Next came Dina Wakley's Heavy Body in Cheddar.  I repeated the same step as above.

Finally came the last color, DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylic in Burnt Umber.  I did not have a heavy body, so I simply mixed the fluid acrylic with some heavy gel medium.  Again, applied using my palette knife.

As usual, I am not happy with it, so a coat of Golden Absorbent Ground has since been applied to this page.  Beginning to sound like a bad habit isn't it?! More staining to come on this one!

Time for some fun! This next one was totally inspired by Denise Alloca's video from Donna's Stencil Mania.  I had some serious fun with it!

As usual, I pulled out my Dina Wakley Media Heavy Body Paints (simply my FAVORITE when printmaking).  As you can see I used a variety of 'pinks' (which seems to becoming a 'bad' habit of mine), Fucshia, Balckverry Violet and Magenta.  Spread it out using my brayer on the gelli plate.

First I laid out the Iris stencil then simply laid a sheet of white cardstock over top and burnished it with me hand.  If are not concerned with getting paint from your brayer (if you haven't cleaned it of in other words), you can use it...

I find I can often get two and even sometimes three images off one application of Dina paints on my gelli plate.  In this case, I just did two as I wanted the postive and negative image.  To get the negative, pull off the stencil then put a fresh sheet down, burnish.  Peel it back and look at your masterpiece!

Now I thought I might try something a bit different and use a single color and layer it onto an already printed image.  This is where it tends to get tricky as you need to somewhat line up the image and the stencil.  I did not want a perfect image, so having it offset was perfect.

Now I wanted to go even a step further, let's try a different stencil (or two)!  I chose to use Dina's Gilt (Gold) paint this time and Love LOve LOVE how it came about.

additional stencils used: Create Truth and Scribble Script

You can see in this photo how I sometimes only used PART of the stencil.  Masked off sections for certain transfers.  It was a blast as you can see.

That's it for today!  Don't forget tomorrow is the next round of  Weekend Junket!

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