Friday, November 11, 2016

Weekend Junket #23


add character - write out the words to your favorite song on your page
product focus - acrylic inks
technique - cover words with transparent tissue papers or other fibrous papers

I don't know about you, but when I listen to music I do not usually actually 'listen' to the words.  I am more of a music (tune/melody) kinda girl.  I may sing along with it, but honestly I know I usually do not really comprehend what  the song is about let alone what the singer is actually singing at the time. The song I choose to write out this week did however catch a few lines that really stayed with me. There were many words and phrases I tend you use on myself and others. 

I often get a kick out of going to lyric sites and seeing what the words actually are. If I am still intrigued, I will go to YouTube and see if there is a video of it as often there are descriptions by the artist depicting what the song is actually about.

Have some fun with this one, go to your playlist and see what song you tend to listen to over and over again; one that has the highest play count on it; one that have amazing (or even tough) memories of.  Write it out - READ it, SING it - then take it to the next level...cover it up! Then add some color and brighten it up!

Here is a quick process of what I did...

In my handmade Urban Journal on a sheet of Ranger Inkssential Manila Cardstock, I wrote out the words to my song,

Next I took some of my Hazel + Ruby Tissue Paper (Quote Collage HR-TR345) tore off some random pieces and prepared to adhere it down using Gel Medium. As you can see from the photo, I also used a paper doily (why not)!

Once is was (kinda) dry, I doodled a few flowers onto it. Yes I know, I am a tad impatient.

Now it is still wet as I type this (because as usual, I am running behind).  I will need for it to dry now before I start on it with my Daler Rowney FW Acrylic Artist Inks. If I use them now, everything will just bleed.  So for now I wait!

On a positive note, I am writing this Thursday night, so technically, I'm ahead of the game!  Time will tell if I get to posting the next photo's before this blog post goes live.  If you see this, time was not on my side!

Have a great weekend - only one more Weekend Junket to come! See you for the last one November 25!

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