Friday, November 25, 2016

Weekend Junket #24

Welcome to our last set of prompts for this years Weekend Junket series.  I hope you have enjoyed these and that you were able to make use of these for your artsy adventures.

This week I am actually making the time to work on the final set of prompts, I hope your enjoy it...


color medium: Prima's Frank Garcia Memory Hardware Powders
product focus: graphite paper
curveball:  use an unusual (to you) substrate as a base

So where does one start when asked to use something unusual to 'me'?! There are not many items out there that I haven't put art on in one way or another, so I took a stroll through the shop to see what I could find...I kept coming across some sort of canvas, so I pulled out a sheet of printed canvas that was in the Clearance bin - Prima's Donna Downey Studios Poppies & Peonies Printed Canvas Poppies 1 and went to work!

You can see the goodies all out here to play with - the Canvas sheet (my curveball), my Frank Garcia Memory Hardware Powders and the Graphite Paper!

I started out trying to create some texture on the base using Golden Coarse Molding Paste as I knew I wanted to add color here at a later time (once dry). Coarse Molding Paste is a thick, soft white colored medium, translucent when applied thinly (otherwise will be opaque). It dries to a hard, stiff but flexible base with the tooth similar to a fine sandpaper. It takes on wet and dry media easily. It can be mixed/tinted to create dense paints that holds good peaks and dries to a matte or satin finish with a finely pebbled surface, perfect for this process (I hope)!

Now that it was fully dry, I took some of the Memory Hardware Powder in Rosewood, shook it on my craft mat and picked it up using one of my brushes. 

I was finding it too dark, even after spraying it with water, so decided to go in a different direction.

I pulled out the Coarse Molding Paste again, and decided to mix them together.

Again, wasn't happy with it until I really started applying heavy layers with the Palette knife.  I tried to apply it only to the darker areas of the printed sheet - this was taking on a 'paint by number(ish) feel to it and I was finding it a tad amusing!

Once I was happy with the Rosewood application, I did the same using the French Sage colored powder.

I didn't worry about staying in the lines as much, as I wanted to it take on the original watercolor look but with texture!

Now it was time to add some more color to the poppies.  I pulled out DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics Quinacridone Gold and my brush and started applying it.  

Found that it was again darker than I wanted so I gave it a good dose of water and pulled the paint into the water on the sides to dilute even more as I went along.  I added water as needed to dilute even more so it lightened as I went.

Now it was time to tackle the stems!

I again pulled out from the DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics line, this time in Green Gold (and we all know how much I love this color) and repeated the same process.

I missed taking photos for this one, but I took the DecoArt Antiquing Cream in Patina Green (teal), and sprayed with a good amount of water.  I placed it in areas then sprayed it heavily with my spray bottle of water and moved it around.  Really made sure I got it on the textured areas I had created earlier with the Coarse Molding Paste.  It is looking great don't you think?

Now it is time for some Graphite Paper...

I first attempted to draw detail lines on the flowers, but they did not show up very well. 

So I decided to 'scribble' on the canvas in areas where there was no new applications.

That worked!

Here you can see where I really traced over and over trying to get the lines...

I gave up and moved to a Stabilo All Pencil in Graphite.

I sketched in and around the canvas then sprayed it heavily and blended with the pencil itself again.

Now I pulled out my Speedball India Ink and a Pipette to mark in the centers of the poppies and add a few splatters on the canvas itself.

Finally I added the white using Golden High Flow Titanium White in a bottle with Fineline Applicator. You could also use a paint pen or even enamel dots.

There you have it! My final Weekend Junket for 2016!  

I truly hope you have enjoyed these and hope you will join me again in 2017 for something a little different! Don't forget to click on the tab above as it will have links to all the past prompts for 2016.  I am also creating a PDF with all the prompts and links on one handy sheet.  If you would like one of these, please send me a email or comment below and I will get to to within a few days.

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