Saturday, February 18, 2017

Happy New Year!? Happy Valentines Day!? Ya I pretty much suck at this....

Not sure how many times I can apologize for neglecting my blog! Is anyone still out there?  Have you given up on me?  Please don't!

January and February are crazy busy months for me as I am working my year end and of course dealing with all the new stuff releasing with Creativation/CHA to make sure I get all the new goodies that everyone wants.

Is my year end done? Nope
Is new product all here? Nope

That about sums it up!  But not to worry, I am constantly working on it all!

So what have I been up to creatively (since the last post way back in 2016) you ask?  More than I had hoped that is for sure.  This may take a while so I will break these last few months into a few blog posts (you'll appreciate it for sure)!

Here goes...

Digital Art!

I am not one usually for the digital art thing - I really like to 'touch' and 'feel' my work.  I had taken a workshop with Traci Bautista back in 2015 called art.journal.PLAY2015 and as usual I either got too busy or sidetracked by some other shiny object!

This fast November I went back to Traci's site and decided to complete it before I lost it (was due to close Nov 30), so when through the entire class again, took notes as I watched video after video.  Came on one of the classes I don't even remember - probably due to it being digital (Digital Canvas) - and watched it all...hence what you will see next!

These were all done on an app called Paper by Fifty Three (Paper53) and can be found (free) in the Apple App Store.  I find it very user friendly and have a blast with it.  You can use it on your phone or iPad (I mush prefer my iPad) and all you need is a stylus (purchased, or you can often get them free from companies as promotional items) or even your finger!

Here is just a sampling of a few of my creations on my iPad.  The possibilities with this app and what you can do with your work after is quite fun and of course creative!

This next one is one of my faves! Using a variety of brushes within the app I created a pretty sweet one inspired by the styles of  Jodi Ohl and Jane Davies.

This one is again inspired from an earlier art journal page I did back in 2015 that I had seen on Pinterest...if I ever find it again, I'll be sure to give credit!!

Another Jodi Ohl inspired piece...

This one is taking the image to PhotoShop and creating layers, cropping and editing like crazy simple to create something new!

All of these can be simply printed off and added to collage/journal pages!  Easy peasy...right?!
To simply think you can take photos or scans of your own work and add them to another project is simply genius.  So a tip that is told by many an instructor out there, take photos/scan along the way and using these images for other purposes is an easy way to get more out of your own work.

Similar to the above image, layering your work over your photos is even cooler don't you think?!

Traci offers many classes (most are online now), you can check her out in the link provided.  The wonderful thing about Traci's style of 'teaching' is that she truly encourages you to find your own style and not having to have all the bells and whistles to find it.  Her knowledge is grand and teaches a vast area of art, journaling and playing!

She has three books (highly recommend) 
Collage Unleashed (2006)
Doodles Unleashed (2012)
Printmaking Unleashed (2014)

All available in print and digitally.

Next came some doodling on my part!  I pulled out a journal I had in my ever growing stash of them (you can never have enough, right?!).  I started in a book I had bought well over a year ago simply because I loved the pages as much it is called Walls Notebook (I posted a bit about it back in early January on the W2 FB page).  This journal is all doodled using my handy Sharpie fine tip (aside from one page where I tried to use my Koi Watercolors Brushes).

Then I got sidetracked and thought wouldn't it be cool to make my own?  Heck, there are a ton of these papers out nowadays! Heck, I have them in the shop!  This particular set is located here.  I have this one cut down to 6x12".

Scored at 6"


The pack allows you to create 4 signatures of  6 sheets for a total of 12 pages per signature.  My plan is to stitch the bindings and put them into either a hard cover book or maybe make a different cover...this is yet to be determined! 

And now back to more doodling...

Fun isn't it?!  I look for inspiration all over the place - could be an artist I follow on IG, FB or even blogs!  I also get inspiration from stencils! Stencils?! Yes, stencils! It is amazing what you can get inspiration from - try just looking around, look for patterns, shapes, colors - it is all there, right in from of you!

Another journal I use is a grid lined one and have doodles some fun stuff simply using a disposable fountain pen!  I have tried to keep this one more botanical - that is fun for me.  I really enjoy these type of images and am always looking for inspiration on these.

Here is a sampling from the journal...

Think that is enough photo overload fro you for today!  Will be back tomorrow (I promise) with more photo and inspiration overload!

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