Sunday, February 19, 2017

Inspiration Overload

As promised, I am back with more inspiration of what I have been doing over the last couple of months, here goes...

I have been taking more of Traci Bautista's workshops - this one was part of her Mixed Media Lab that I am part of.  This particular one was for the Art Journal section where we simply played with stencils as a 'starting' point.  I put my stencils on one side of my book, sprayed with a mix of green sprays (Dylusions, Lindy's & Adirondacks) and while the right side was still wet and stencils were STILL on the page, I closed the book therefore transferring the images perfectly to the opposite page!  Stencils used for this are from my StencilGirl stash.

What you are not seeing here is what I do next - that I will save for another day (giggle)!  But think marks, doodles, and a lot of color!

There is usually a theme that we are encouraged to go with for each lesson, and as you know I have been on a botanical kick for a while so that is what I was going with here - and continued on to with the next project.

We had been asked to take photos when we were out and about - I went into my yard and took some great macro shots and my usual oddities.  The one I decided to use as my inspiration for the sketching part of our lesson was one of my oddities - where the grave met the grass (think fall/winter, but with no snow of course).  
The point of these lessons are not necessarily to copy the image, but to take inspiration from the shapes, colors, patterns and such YOU see within these photos.  One of the ways of creating something different is to use more than one pen/pencil/marker at a time.  I bound three of  my Stabillo Woody's together in some muted colors and doodled/scribbled some shapes.  I would then go in after with a finer pen or marker and add to it.  The possibilities here are endless and you can go for days on the same image and find something new simply by turning the photo or even the sketch (or both) and continue on.  It makes you think and also opens up your mind to new options.

There is so many options available to playing with your own art.  When you brainstorm with others, or simply let your imagination go wild it is amazing what you can come up with.

How do you brainstorm? What do you brainstorm? What triggers an idea or project for you?
For me, mostly it is by color &/or shape.  I know that is a tad odd, but hey - I get inspired differently than most and my interpretation of something is often quite different than most.  That is okay, and you too should be okay with how you interpret anything - that is what make it yours.

Some of my best brainstorming comes from something I have seen or read and then I start writing notes and ideas and then all of a sudden there is so many ideas flying out of my pen I have a hard time keeping up!  I write, I write and I write some more.  I have many many notebooks and written journals full of ideas and projects.  What do I do with them all?  Well, as the time allows or when the urge strikes... I implement them.  Some turn out to be fabulous, some are epic fails.  I am okay with either - at least I tried.  Never take a fail as a waste of time or product.  It is something that you learned from and can either better or is totally up to you!

I took photos of a couple of my pages and thought it would be interesting to see how they image transferred back onto the original page.  Not only did I use the same images, I added more (myself) as well. This did not turn out as good as I had seen it in my head, but hey...I tried!  I used Golden Regular Gel Medium Matte for this process.

I continued to doodle and sketch over the transferred images to mimic the patterns below.  They still need more work, but as usual - for now, I have turned the page!

Next I went back to some of my Donna Downey 48 Weeks lessons that I really haven't done much with over the last year (plus).

I believe I was just bored as I was was in such a learning groove.  I would say I reached my end this year and have come to terms that I now just need to take what I have learnt, researched and implement it. I set a goal for myself to continue through this course and do as many pages that INSPIRED me.  If there were ones I didn't like - simply watch the video and take what she did and do it in way that inspired me!  There are a couple I have done...

This one is a collage piece that was pretty simple to do - Week #8.  Basic collage added to base, Gesso in 'strategic' spots and add black.  I chose to add red (Gelato) as well as I felt it needed it.  Really like how it turned out.

 Week #9 - created a base with acrylic paints in muted tones.  I then used a vine charcoal to sketch out the flowers/buds and then used my paint marker to fill in the lines.

I then messy brush stroked & finger painted in a mix of white gesso and titan buff paint around the sketch.

Added more acrylics (green gold & teal, blended with white gesso along the way) to the  image to create a defined shape & image.

Applied a Glaze coat. 

As you can see I did not put too heavy of a coat of any paints/glazes as I really wanted the base to come through.  I used Golden Paints on this spread as many of the colors used were transparent. 

You can use what you have on most projects - just take into account that you may not always get the exact results.  Which in my books is a good thing - it makes it yours!  Never be afraid to use what you have, you can always make it work.

Colors used: Golden Fluid Acrylics anthraquinone blue, permanent violet dark, diarylide yellow, teal, ultramarine violet, paynes gray and sap green hue. DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics: green gold, phthalo turquois, quinacridone magenta, titan buff and quinacridone violet

Week #11

Starting with a collage based (textured wallpaper) and painted over.  I did a lot of free style painting here and although it is not the greatest, I am happy it is done and did enjoy the company I had doing it! Note: most of the painting was done with a finger or two!

Golden Fluid Acrylics & DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics used: teal, titan buff, cobalt turquois, phthalo turquois, paynes gray, green gold, quinacridone magenta, cadmium yellow medium hue, vat orange, burnt sienna, quinacridone red, anthraquinone blue, sap green hue, indian yellow hue, quinacridone nickel azo gold, permanent violet dark, ultramarine violet, diarylide yellow, and carbon black.

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