Wednesday, February 4, 2015

playing hard!

Been getting a good amount of (play)time in lately!  Wanna see?

Lately I have been doing a lot of artsy stuff in my Documented Life Project Moleskine Planner.  One would think I would be doing what everyone else is in them...but as you have all gotten to know over the years - I don't follow the norm or the rules very well!

I am really enjoying working it this format - probably mostly because I do not feel that I HAVE to do a two page spread!  In my Dylusions or any other journal I have on the go, I always do a double page spread, think it simply feels unfinished if I only do one half.  In this journal, I switched up the papers by using two different brands of mixed media papers, watercolor and dictionary paper.  Love it!

This particular page was done on mixed media paper.  I started it all off with applying gesso as the base then added Matte Super Heavy Gel  through my Traci Bautista stencil (by Stencil Girl).

the results are amazing!

My color palette of choice today (well, almost every day it seems)! 

time for some finger painting!!

saw this tip via Dina Wakley CHA 2015 video (I believe it was from Scrap Time), some artists used the Umber to 'tone' down the colors as it was too bright for their personal liking.  I don't have an issue with the brightness at all - but simply wanted to see the effect.

once it was all applied - I wiped away the access with baby wipes.  

The gel acted as a resist so the white gesso'd page below shows through.

you will see that I did not place the stencil all the way to the left edge - that was on purpose.  Where I oops'd though was when I carried the gel all the way to the edge.  Forgetting that it was going to resist and of course not being able to carry the colors to the edge...oops!

here I decided to try something different - what would happen if I mixed my heavy bottom paint with a super heavy gel?  Would it give it texture?  Would it act like a glaze?  Let's see!

wasn't diggin' the color, so added some Golden Fluid Acrylic (Carbon Black)

Nope!  Ended wiping it all off...onto next trial!

added more gel to the mix and tried it through a stencil.  Guess it wasn't thick enough.  As you can see, I got some serious bleeding.  Sad thing is, I tried it three was never a charm!

Tried yet another effect of sprays through a stencil (ya, epic fail here...too much water in the paint)!

saving grace in all this was that my base was the gel, so everything wiped off fairly easily!

guess it is time to walk away from this one!  that is one of the great things with art journals - the start and finish of a totally up to you!

onto the next page....

time to use the January Mix Ur Media Kit!

this page was inspired by the following prompts - paper, rub on/sticker, tag, photo & a stamp

so I started with some good ol' dictionary paper and adhered it with matte medium 

time for some finger painting with Dina!

paint is down, time for some texture! for the first application, I chose to use the wire grate pushing it into the paints and gels...was subtle...but of course wanted more!

bring in the comb!

adding the rub on!

wiped it all off...wasn't liking where it was going!  Time for some more paint! This time I  applied it onto the silicone mat using my brayer.

acts a a great stamp pad!

more color? why not!

adding a 'photo' that needs to be aged (yes, even more)!

using more of the mark making - used metals, sandpaper and rubber to literally - rub off the paint!

adhered the photo using super heavy gel 

time for a tag, aged it up using a 'used' baby wipe to age the tag!

added again using the super heavy gel

time for some more texture! you can see some cool additions in the following...

though the page needed some serious black! didn't go as good as I hoped...but tried to work my way through it. I used another stencil from my stencil girl stash (cityscape) 

hoping that the addition of the water/drips would help...

thought maybe a dark stormy sky would help...nope! 

I've done better pages, but like I have said many times before...these pages are all a learning process.  Sometimes I learn a lot more than I intend, I'm okay with that!

onto the next page!

once again I am working in my Dylusions Journal, this time the challenge was simply...CHIPBOARD!  How hard could that be!

started out with a gesso'd page...

painted it my fav color Ranger's Adirondack Citrus

time for the chipboard...with this, you definitely need to use the super heavy gel to stick this stuff down!

since my Citrus was almost empty, I simply added some glazing liquid directly into the paint and gave it a shake! 

adding the paint to the chipboard...

adding some texture...

using a few of the 'rubber' type pieces and sprayed with the black paint/water mix 

ya, needs some color don't you think?  Pink it is!! I used a Crafter's Workshop Kasia Stencil - XOXO

now it is time for a stamp - a Dina Wakley Media Stamp - Face in the Crowd
take a good look, it doesn't stay this way for long! 

thought I would try stamping with paint...looks great on the craft mat, not overly great on the page!  Might need to paint the stamp verses stamping the paint next time!

time to change her up...give her my token red hair! 

now I get to scribble some more! 

not a fav of mine, but then again, if I look at the process of it all - I'm okay with it.
what you are not seeing is that I have since added my Gelato's around the edge, and must say...I am a tad better with it now! 

and boy, do I ever love this chick! 

well, that is enough for now, don't want to bore you too much!  want you to come back some time soon and see what else I have been up to!

Most of the products used are available at the store, if you don't see it, please just ask and I'll be sure to steer you in the right direction!

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