Friday, July 26, 2013


Many ask why digital?  I personally am not a 'digi' scrapper.  I like to feel and touch my textures - but that is just me.  I have seen many a layout that if I hadn't known better, would have thought it 'real'! So why am I even talking about this then you ask?  Well let me fill you in...quickly!

Digital Scrapbooking at DesignerDigitals

There is more to 'digi' than most realize.  I do indeed us digi files - just not necessarily always for the purpose they were intended for.  I like to either purchase and look for freebies over the internet (try Pinterest) and use the files for journalling tags and or embellishments.  My favorite place to purchase digi files is Designer Digitals. I usually go for the overlays, brushes and stamps as those are the ones I can make the most of. Don't worry if you don't have a photo editing program (ie. Photoshop) as you don't really need them if all you are going to do is simply print them off and cut/punch them out.  Most files are downloaded in .png and .abr formats and many have .pdf as well. The .png files you can copy and paste to a word doc and adjust sizing then simply print off on cardstock of your choice! You can choose to put multiple images on one sheet or several of one to cut out or even punch out with your favorite punch shape! Verses me going over every detail - if you want more information, please check out Designer Digitals "Getting Started" section as it is loaded with pdf how to's!

Some of my favorite designers are Ali Edwards and Katie Pertiet (both at Designer Digitals). They are definitely my 'style' and love using their images in scrapbooks, cards and projects alike! Best part about Designer Digitals is there always seems to be items on sale - this week no exception - 30% off until July 30 2013!

Won't keep you any longer as I am sure you are just as busy as me - I just wanted to plant a bug in your ear and let you know there is always something more out there!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

7 Gypsies!

Hard to get a hold of these days, but I will get what I can - count on it!

Maritime Collection:

Mini Ephemera:

The Wicked Gypsy:

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Mind's Eye - Vintage Christmas & Chalk Studio!



My Mind's Eye - Cut & Paste!

decorative tapes:

decorative tapes:

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Prima - Flowers!

Great new selection of flowers - colors, natural, simple, decide!
SP Prima Pastel

SP Prima Raw
SP Prima Classic
SP Nuetral
SP Prima BW

Prima - Wood!

Wood & Bark Embellishments
Prima Wood




Wood Veneer Alphas - thin, flexible and begging to be colored!
570651_wood Veener

 570644_wood Veener 

October Afternoon - THREE new collections!

sneak on the image to go to October Afternoon's Blog for all the wonderful details!

October Afternoon - Daily Flash

It seems more and more that companies are jumping on the 'Project Life' system - I like how many (including OA) are making it you you are able to create your own system and inter-twine it with other companies and collections! By simply clicking on any of the images in this post will take you directly to the OA Blog with details of each.  Hoping to add these to my cart real soon!

Product # AB-1068
AB-1068 - AB-1068
Product # AB-1069
AB-1069 - Poppy Binder
Product # AB-1070
AB-1070 - Sunshine Binder

Product # AB-1071AB-1071 - Seashore Binder
Product # SL-1072
SL-1072 - 6x8 Sleeve for 2x2
Product # SL-1073
SL-1073 - 6x8 Sleeve for 3x3
Product # SL-1074
SL-1074 - 6x8 Sleeve for 3x4
Product # SL-1075
SL-1075 - 6x8 Sleeve for 4x4
Product # SL-1076
SL-1076 - 6x8 Sleeve for 6x8
Product # SL-1077
SL-1077 - 6x8 Sleeve Multi-Pack
Product # SL-1078
SL-1078 - 12x12 Sleeve for 3x3
Product # ST-1079
ST-1079 - 1980's Decade
Product # ST-1080
ST-1080 - 1990's Decade
Product # ST-1081
ST-1081 - 2000's Decade
Product # ST-1082
ST-1082 - 2010's Decade
Product # ST-1083
ST-1083 - Everyday
Product # ST-1084
ST-1084 - Inspiration
Product # ST-1085
ST-1085 - Summer
Product # ST-1086
ST-1086 - Travel
Product # CB-1099
CB-1099 - Stars & Hearts
Product # CB-1100
CB-1100 - To The Point
Product # CB-1101
CB-1101 - Bubble Talk
Product # CB-1102
CB-1102 - Photo Booth
Product # CB-1103
CB-1103 - Frame Up
Product # CB-1104
CB-1104 - Partly Cloudy
Product # CB-1105
CB-1105 - Gray Flannel
Product # CB-1106
CB-1106 - Strawberry Ice Cream
Product # CB-1107
CB-1107 - Navigate
Product # CB-1108
CB-1108 - Old Oak
Product # CB-1110
CB-1110 - Red Number Tags
Product # CB-1111
CB-1111 - Early Riser
Product # CB-1112
CB-1112 - Night Owl
Product # SS-1113
SS-1113 - Orange Soda
Product # SS-1114
SS-1114 - Strawberry Ice Cream
Product # SS-1115
SS-1115 - Deep Sea
Product # SS-1116
SS-1116 - Clover
Product # SS-1117
SS-1117 - Snap Peas
Product # SS-1118
SS-1118 - Dandelions
Product # SS-1119
SS-1119 - Stop Light
Product # SS-1120
SS-1120 - Mason Jar
Product # EM-1135
EM-1135 - Good To Go
Product # EM-1136
EM-1136 - Good Day
Product # EM-1125
EM-1125 - Photo Love
Product # EM-1126
EM-1126 - Days Of Week
Product # EM-1127
EM-1127 - Tropical Sherbet
Product # EM-1128
EM-1128 - Star Field
Product # EM-1129
EM-1129 - Words & Arrows