Saturday, April 4, 2015

March 'MUM' Inspired...

Here are some closer details of my projects from the March 2015 Mix Ur Media Kit (MUM).

Water Color Wash:

I start this one out by prepping the page with Gesso.  Once dried, I tore up the Prima Finnabair Elementals Canvas Resist (Ads) to create a pattern.  I adhered it using Matte Super Heavy Gel as this is somewhat of a heavy weight sheet and needs the support.

You can see I tried hard not to get this on the front of front of the canvas as I had a cool idea for what will come next!

Using more goodies from the March Kit, I pull the Gold Doily, tore off a few pieces from the 6x6" specialty sheet, cut a chunk of the mesh ribbon/fiber and then grabbed some ribbon from my bind.  I adhered it all using Regular Gel Medium with my palette knife.

Once it was dried, I grabbed two  Lindy's Starburst Sprays.  I unscrewed the tops and used the stem to disburse the colors onto the page.

This page was strictly a trial and error page - I wanted to see how the sprays would react to the different gels and the canvas/fibers.  Next time I will try putying some matte medium sparingly on the canvas as I would prefer less absorption.  But that is simply a preference on my part.  Live and learn...right?!

Building Blocks:

 Again, wanting to try something different and 'see if it will work kinda page' - I tore up a sheet of the vellum randomly and adhered it all using Light Modeling Paste!  Thinking that it would create some amazing textures and then wanting to see how the Vellum would react to sprays & or paints.

Okay, paints it is!  Might was well keep on playing with the new Dylusions right?!  Here is my color palette of choice (no real surprise here)! One thing I will mention before I move one, you will see that the page is VERY curled - that would be due to the amount of paste I used, and once it totally dried and contracted, this was the result.  It doesn't bother me, but I now many people it drives you crazy how pages curl.  Once you understand how water and paper react, you will learn to be at piece with it (or choose to no longer art journal). 

I have decided again to finger paint - considering how many brushes I have, I still prefer my own ten digits!

One simple spritz does wonders for blending.

I find using a baby wipe makes the paint go even further - it disperses the paint amazingly.

Before applying the next color, I make sure the first color has dried totally.

There is a stage here I have have missed taking photos (oops), I was not happy with the colors (not bright enough), so I sprayed the coordinating Dylusions Ink Sprays over each color.  LOVE IT!!!
The page really needs something else, so I have decided to trace the pattern I had created with the papers using the Dylusions Black Marble Ink Spray (the stem).

After each pass, I give each little spritz of water to get some cool actions.

True North:

THis page was totaly inspired by two things...the tearing of the paper on the previous page and a photo I took that is on my desk of when I lived up in the NWT.  Started off by putting down the sheet of 7 Gypsies Tissue Paper with Gel Medium.  Once it was dried, I took a piece of the mesh ribbon/fiber and adhered it down using Regular Gel Medium.

Wanting to try something a little different, I used Fiber Paste to create my 'sun'.  Simply slapped some down on the page and then placed the plastic circle grid on top, pressed it in and pulled it off.

Wiped off the access with a baby wipe.

Now using the 6x6" specialty paper, I tore it in strips and created an Inukshuk!  Adhered it with Gel Medium.

Now it is time for some color!  I decided to use the new Dyan Reaveley's Dylusions Paints.  I applied them all using my fingers!  Theses paints blend beautifully and need very little extra water (simply a little squirt of water from the water bottle works perfect).  Colors used here were Fresh Lime and Vibrant Turquoise

I first tried to only use paints on this page, but found it very hard to get the paint into the nooks and crannies of the sun.  So I finally gave up and gave it a good spritz with Dylusions Pure Sunshine Ink Spray.  Finished it off using more Dylusions Lemon Zest Paint to blend around the outer edge. 

I finished finger painting using a blend of  Dylusions Paints (Cut Grass, Vibrant Turquoise, White, Lemon Zest).  The Inukshuk is painted with White.

I added detail to the Inukshuk using my Faber Castell Big Brush Pen in Black along with a Black Charcoal pencil.  I have found that if I keep a baby wipe close by and dab my finger in it as I blend I get a smooth blend that I like. 

Thinking I need some mountians or rock to go along with this!  So going to make my own!  Fiber Paste and Micro Beads it is!

I think I would still like to add a quote of some sort, just not sure what yet - so for now...I'll turn the page!

Well, since this post has so many photos...I'll take a break and do the last couple on the next post...don't want to bore you too much!!  Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

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