Friday, April 1, 2016

Weekend Junket #07

Here we go...April's set of prompts:


Colors/feelings that Inspire...SPRING

What do you feel like or what colors do you think of when you think of spring?  Use that as yet another inspiration for you for your project(s) this time around.


color medium - paint (one that you have not used for way too long or one that is new to you)
technique - stamping
inspiration - pinterest post

At times I may find it interesting to put a twist on the prompts is to use the term....
Use something NEW, something OLD something BORROWED and something BOLD!
Now understand that I may not use the above on every challenge, but  I sure am gonna try!  

Here is my take...

Link to the post on Pinterest for my inspiration here.

This one was supposed to be a lot of fun, and turned into a frustrating one instead!  But hey, that is okay, I definitely learnt a few things, mainly...I'm not really into the dark side of my color palette anymore!

Started out using Black Gesso as I was going to use my DecoArt Media Interference Fluid Acrylics and I think they are more effective on a dark background especially when used in a journal. Let it dry then added a torn book page using Matte Medium.


 Once it was dry, I added some more black - this time I pulled out an old jar of Claudine Hellmuth Studio Black Paint, it was starting to dry out a bit, so I I scraped it on with my palette knife - which I actually liked the effect.

now I wanted more texture so I added a strip of first aid gauze, and mangled it up before adhering it with Matte Medium.


Not liking the starkness, I sprayed it with black paint mix. 

Now comes the fun stuff - Interference Paints!  They all look like this when they come out of the bottle and then...

....the awesomeness comes through!  The darker the background, the better the colors reflect as the light shifts on your page.  Started out using Turquoise... 

 ...then added Violet...

....and finally Blue!

This is where I was really starting to struggle - so I added some DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylic in Titan Buff  using my palette knife.

Once dry, I wanted to add the face.  Since I had to use a stamp somewhere in this challenge, thought I might as well use one of my Unity Stamps by Donna Downey (Windows to the Soul).  As you can see it is a fairly large stamp (the page is a legal size).  I first stamped it using Ranger Archival Ink in Jet Black.

Now this I will admit, looks way better in photo than in real life!  It is way too dark for my liking an you visually lose the face in the colors.  So what does Wendy do?

 Why, she paints over it all with Titan Buff!  Then re-stamps it! Ya, I don't like it either!  But I will venture on...kinda!

Pulled out another journal (8.5x11") and tried starting over!  Started out using the black gesso again, but while it was still wet, I went to adding the colors again, Killer isn't it?!  Left is wet, right is dry.


 Wanting to brighten it up, I added Dina Wakley Media Blackberry Violet mixed with light modeling paste through Donna Downey Create Truth Stencil that I masked off and turned upside down! Now it was time to let it dry over night.

Waking up with fresh morning eyes (sometimes) works! I went at the one I started the night before and attempted to get this look (it is stamped on packaging so I could see if it was going to look like I wanted it to). Yes! I want this look!

So now came the process of making sure I lined up the cling mount on the page.  This is where you are asking why I didn't stamp first right?  Not to worry, I thought of that the night before, after I had tried three times to get the filigree on the page and was happy(ish) with it! Thought I might was well go the hard way, why not, that is my usual process of learning!


  Used masking tape to line everything up - it actually worked!

Here is the image- wet!

ya, now here it is dry! UGH!! She has now been labeled a new name and has been set aside for another day!

Now it was time to get back to the original - I scribbled upwards on the page using my Fineline Applicator in Black and then along the right side hoping to bring some darkness back into her face (I know, I have a very complicated thought process).

Here you are seeing the final page (for now).  There are many applications of paint, Lindy's, Pitt Pens and water trying to get it to where I might be satisfied. I have come to terms that this is a page turner, yup, time to turn the page and move on to my next one!  You'll notice you are only seeing the bottom half...for a reason, it's the best part!  Thankfully the way I strategically took the photo, you are seeing what I wanted her to look like in my head from the start!  

I hope you are able to create something wonderful for yourself using these prompts - please just don't over think it and just do it!  Not every piece has to be your 'masterpiece' - some will always be perfect in their own way, this one does have some great parts and I am now ready to move on and turn the page!

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Next set of prompts come out April 15.

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