Wednesday, June 15, 2016

I was inspired by...

Dina Wakley!  Who wouldn't be!!  I took inspiration from a Dina Wakley inspired stamp...yes a stamp!!  I also wanted to use all blue, okay - as much blue as I could, of Dina's Heavy Body Paints.  So I pulled out four from her palette of colors - Lapis, Sky, Turquoise and Ocean and dry brushed them on in a 'dina like' way.

I pulled out Dina Wakley Media Stencils (Essentials) and rubbed off some of the paint using baby wipes.  Then I took some of the Lapis paint and using one of my pouncers, dabbed it through another Dina stencil (Affirmation), being sure to only pick up a few of the words.

Now I got this image off of Pinterest, from one of Dina's boards (her stamps I believe).  It is a smaller stamp from what I can see, but since I am working in a large 9x12 journal, I needed it larger.  I simply copied the image and pasted it to a word doc and made it a large as I needed.  I knew I was going to do an image transfer, so it being perfect was not an issue for me.  I cut if our once printed and figured out where on the page I wanted it.

I spread out some Golden Regular Gel (Matte) first then laid the printed image on top.  Smoothed it out with my fingers and waited simply 30 or so seconds and....

This is what I got.  I know it is not as dark as I would have liked, but I am okay with it.  Made me think of more ways to get to my desired affect.

I painted on black gesso with a smaller brush.  As I waited for it to dry, my roll of Easy Joint Tape was calling out to me, so of course I complied!  I adhered a few pieces down using Matte Medium.

I then scraped a bit of Super Heavy Gesso (White)  over the taped pieces so they would not stand out so much (as being tan/brown).

Next I pulled out my Fineline Applicator filled with White Fluid Acrylic and Airbrush Medium and scribbled across the 'shadow'.  I also. dripped random dots over the pages to add a little something.

One of the great things about taking photos along the way, allows you to see your work in a different eye....literally!  The eye of the camera can tell you a lot.  In this case, it told me I needed to extend the scribbles on the shoulders and arms. 

At first I was going to use my Fineliner that was filled with black, but seeing that the white scribbles had dimension, I figured I it would make the tip skip and I didn't want that.  So in turn, I used one of my black pens instead - Fude Ball (black).

Really enjoyed this one! Some of the more simplest ones are the most rewarding!  Then you have ones that should be easy, and turn in to the ones that cause you the most headaches....

like this one!

This was going to be the start of the Weekend Junket #12.  It was a cast off page that I really like and thought adding some 7 Gypsies ephemera would be really cool.  I placed it all down, roughed p the edges of all the ephemera, adhered them down using Matte Medium.

Added a few staples here and there...

Ya, it just wasn't working for me.

So when in doubt...add gesso (right?)!

This is how it stands right now.  I simply do not know what to do next (yet).  I have turned the page for now and will come back to it when the idea strikes!

So off for now to see if I can create something new and inspiring!

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