Saturday, July 9, 2016

Inspired by....

This post is tad over due, but it was one I was working on a few weeks ago and was one of those ideas that kind of got away from me.  I really wanted to do a textured page, but for some reason I kept taking a wrong turn thinking it would finally come together...kinda!

I really wanted to use my Ken Oliver Color Bursts, so I thought why couldn't they work on this - I started out by prepping my page with Golden Absorbent Grounds, then I added torn strips of Ranger Sticky Back Canvas.  I made sure I left the torn strings attached for added texture.

Then I thought it would be interesting if I used Super Heavy Gel (Matte) through a stencil.  This would do double duty for me; first it would add extra adhesive to hold the canvas down and provide another interesting level of texture once color was added.  I did try and keep the stencil pattern within the 'lines' of the canvas though. 

I allowed it to dry over night.  I missed some photo's of the next step.  I chose to use the DecoArt Media Crackle Paste to add even more dimension. This too helped smooth out the lines between the canvas and the gel and allowed a nicer transition to the paper.

Once it was dried, I sprayed it heavily with water then started applying the Color Burst

I really hammered it with the color bursts and more water (maybe too much).

I kept rotating my journal in attempt to control the dripping as I wanted it to go up to the top an down to the bottom (visibly).

I the photos above you can see how it is somewhat 'white' above the center strip, that is where the crackle paste had been applied.  To me, this was best effect and what what I was after.  As for the center, I was not at all happy with it.  I found that the canvas absorbed too much of the colors and became dark and muddy.  Here are some close ups of the crackle which I love!

As of now, I have since torn off the canvas part and sadly I lost some of the crackle.  I have applied more crackle in the center now and once dried, will go back at it in a new direction.  

To find out more about Ken Oliver and his interesting line of Color Burst, you can simply search You Tube (Ken's Channel), Pinterest, and of course his site. I have some of his new metal embellishments due in later this month as well.

Have a great weekend!

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