Sunday, July 10, 2016

Inspired by...

Color!  I saw an image on Instagram by Tracy Scott that really caught my eye - and from the colors you'll know why!

Tracy Scott is a dynamic artist and if you have not yet discovered her, you are in for a treat!  She can be found here: Facebook, Instagram and Blog.

So off I went to the studio to create my take on it.  I started out on some plain Ranger Manila Cardstock (you can also use Mixed Media Cardstock) that I had sewn into my Urban Journal and of course pulled out my Dina Wakley Media Heavy Body Paints in Lemon, Turquoise and Magenta.

I used my 1" Flat  Dina Wakley Stiff Bristle Paint Brush (has been my go to since it came out),  As you will notice, I did not totally connect the colors as I put them down.  I find that if I bring the two together AFTER with a damp/wet brush, they seem to come together (blend) better.

Once dry(ish), I thought I would put some of the Ranger/Tim Holtz Distress Collage Medium Crazing through the Crafter's Workshop Harliquin Stencil using my Stampendous Metal Palette Knife.

Once it was dry, I used my Tulip Pouncer and Prima Stencil (I believe it is called bubbles) and dabbed White paint diagonally across the page.

Next I pulled out my Fubeball felt tip pen and randomly doodled around some of the bubbles. 

I then came up with a 'brilliant' idea to age the page so I applied a glaze...
You can see it worked real well....on my doodled circles! Yup...wiped right off! 

So I decided to add some bits and pieces of papers from my ephemera bin using Gel Medium

Then came my Stencil Girl Stencils (Rae Massigman).  I used Black and white paints and once again added my doodles to the bubbles.

I again pulled out my Dina Wakley paints and this time used the Lime to paint some circles with my finger.

I could easily call this page done at this point, but like others...I'm sure I will be back!

Hope you too are having a great weekend and staying creative! Thanks for stopping by.

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