Monday, February 20, 2017


This is a challenge I actually completed start to finish...within the 30 days it was on! Yay me!!

This free challenge was offered by Rae Missigman from January 15 - February 13 via her blog and shared on many social media outlets (mostly Instragram) and was a lot of fun!

Here is a listing of the prompts Rae offered:

download your copy here

Today I will simply show you a combined image of the thirty I did and will share how to's when and where I can.  I did not take photos along the way of every page as honestly....I forgot!

So to start...I used an old encyclopedia I had on had and double up the pages as I went along.

TIPSTER: I found it best to glue pages together AFTER you were completed.  
Less bubbling of the page!

I decided to challenge myself by using limit product and tools throughout this month long challenge.  I am happy so say...I succeeded!  I hadn't really used my Dyan Reaveley Dylusions Paints (the first 12 colors released) much for probably well over a year - so thought this was a great opportunity to use them.  Most were full, three were congealed, but I was still able to use them just fine.  The only other product I used were my variety of paint markers & pens (either Liquitex or Dylusions and Pilot/Fudeball/GellyRoll).  As for tools, it was either stencils, Brayer, Catalyst Tool, KeyCard, my finger(s) or found papers - that's it, that's all!  I will say it was very gratifying and a lot of fun to go back to the basics.

Here s the book now, I am only about half way through it so there is plenty of room to do more.  I have some ideas on repeating the challenge but using another paint line and again keeping to limited tools and products.  Maybe next time strictly use Dina Wakley Media!

This is what is left of my paints!  The white is done, the  lime, yellow and orange have very little left - the rest (aside from the brown) I probably used about 50%.  You can see the Pink, Purple and Black are all congealed - but honestly, does not effect the performance of them at all.  As I used either my brayer, catalyst tool, keycard or finger to apply, it was just fine.  If you were to physically see my journal, you would not be able to tell either.

If you are interested in doing the challenge on your own at some point, just head over to Rae's site here. To see her postings for the entire 30 days follow this link here. To see Rae's site/blog and simply enjoy all she has to here!
If you are on Instagram - simply do a search for the hashtag #artmarks30daychallenge and enjoy the most amazing variety of inspiration you may get in one place!


There are many other monthly Art challenges out there, as are there Scrapbooking if you just look.  The interesting thing is if you want, there really is no reason why the two can't intertwine. Your interpretation of a word is totally you - 

I follow Tori Weyers (@drawriot) on Instagram and she too has one on her blog that many may find inspiring to do.  Here are the ones posted for January and February for this year - it is called #drawriotdaily.

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