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Up Close and Personal with #artmarks30daychallenge - Week 3

Sorry for the delay in getting these out - to say I have been busy is a serious understatement!  But you don't care about that - you just want to see some you go!

#15 - Loose

My color palette of choice today was Lemon Zest, Postbox Red and Vibrant Turquoise (and of course White Linen & Black Marble).  I used my Catalyst Contour Tool to apply the paints and make my marks.

Used my Liquitex Paint Marker (White) to create the boxes around the openings and wrote out my verse in Gelly Roll Medium Point Pen (white).

This page from start to finish took me 15 minutes - simple but fun and very rewarding to get it done.

#16 - Assorted

Color Palette of Dyan Reaveley Dylusions was Lemon Zest,  Squeezed Orange and Postbox Red. I used my Catalyst Mini Blade Tool to apply the paints.  Really like using this as I get wonderful blending of colors.

The other great part of the any of hte Catalyst tools is that you can use for your making your marks as well.  In this one, I used the Taupe Contour Tool as it is firmer than the others (which are silicone).  Here are some close ups - love how I was able to blend this so seamlessly.

Making my marks this time with a mix of black and white pens (Fudeball, Gelly Roll, Paint Pens)

I also pulled out the We R Memory Keepers Sew Stamper Roller set to see if I could save the page as I was not happy with where it was going.

There was some book papers on my desk so I decided to use them in hopes of starting to like my page!  I simply free cut them and started adhering them onto the page.  I them marked them up with my Fudeball.  I also added some more white - yup, now I like it again!

Here are some close ups... 


#17 - Reverse

Started out a bit literal on this one, wrote straight on the page using my Black Lyra Water Soluble Crayon - backwards  & with my left hand. I also used my Fudeball pen for the the finer marks.

I then pulled out my color palette for the day - Bubblegum Pink, Crushed Grape & Vibrant Turquoise and applied them once again using my Catalyst Mini Blade.  I missed a bunch of photos here, but you can see I used a StencilGirl Stencil by Rae Missigman called Harbor Side.  I just laid it on top of hte page while the paint was still wet and rubbed off the paint with a baby wipe.  This was you could see the book text underneath along with my marks from earlier.

I twisted, flipped and turned the stencil to get all the areas I wanted.

I then went in with my Black Fudebal and White Gelly Roll and sketched around and inside the stencil pattern on the page itself.

This is were I called it done.  I could have easily done a lot more, but that really defeated the purpose of the challenge.  I was trying hard to keep my pages simple and completed in less than 30 min (more often 15)!

#18 - Circular

My core palette today was going to be a bit dark (by choice) and aside from my usual addition of Black & White, my main colors were Vibrant Turquoise, London Blue and Crushed Grape.

I am lacking a lot of progression photos for this days prompt - which usually means I was on a roll (no pun intended)!

I used StencilGirl stencils - Retro Tiles Small, Seeds Doily and Rolls.  I have been applying the paint using a Sofft Art Sponge as I really like how the paint comes off it.  I get little to no seepage. 

#19 - Hashed

Color palette is Squeezed Orange, Postbox Red and Bubblegum Pink.  Applied using my Catalyst Mini Blade of course.  I started out applying some white as a base and then the colors on top.  Once dried enough, I laid out my StencilGirl Boundaries stencil and covered it with Black Marble using the Sofft Art Sponge.  I positioned the stencil across the center and overlapped where needed to get the image I was after.

Added a few scrape marks using the Catalyst Contour Tool in the somewhat wet paints and called it done!

#20 - Suspended

Color Palette was Fresh Lime, Cut Grass and Vibrant Turquoise.  I used my StencilGirl stencils again in Paste Paper to create the first layer by rubbing off some of the paint using a baby wipe.  

Then I started to layer it on again along with the Ornamental Peacock Feathers stencil using either White Linen or Cut Grass paints.  I also added the Kunst Mask 2 stencil with a pop of Black Marble.  Added some marks with my Gelly Roll Medium Point in White.

#21 - Bold

Color Palette was Vibrant Turquoise, London Blue and Crushed Grape.  Applied using my Catalyst Mini Blade.   

Using my StencilGirl stencil Kunst Mask 2, I used Black Marble paint and Sofft Art Sponge with the stencil and flipped it back and forth to create an interesting pattern. Then added some White Linen to  soften it up when and where needed.

Added marks with my Liquitex Paint Markers in  Black & White. and called it done!

#22 - Reflective

Struggled big time with this one and eventually had to just call it done.  Not a lot of photos on this one (hence the struggle).  My main color palette was Squeezed Orange, London Blue, Bubblegum Pink and Crushed Grape.  I used the Crafter's Workshop Tribal Fish stencil with white and black spray and was not happy with either.

After rubbing off as much as I could, I ended up using either a Fudeball/Gelly Roll or Paint Marker to make my marks and just call it done and turn the page.  

No use taking up an entire afternoon or evening with a page that just isn't coming together.  Learn form it and move on!  And that I did... 

Hope you enjoyed this weeks batch - I will try my darnedest to be back tomorrow with the last week of  the challenge! Thanks for sticking with me...

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