Wednesday, September 27, 2017

...and the Collage Continues!

Back again to day with another collage page - I am so enjoying these!  I come down in the morning and go through emails, then set aside what I can and head to the studio and do a quick page.  Make me feel like I am accomplishing something just for me on the creative side of my brain (not to say that the business side isn't creative as well), You know me, always looking, always researching and always reading up on what will be next.

So for today's quick one...let's get at 'er!

With my previous Canson Journal finally being full, I thought I would create a joural strictly for these vintage paper collages that I have been having so much fun working on.  I pulled out one from my stash (don't act surprised).  It is 8.5x11", has a kraft cover and cream pages and 24 sheets (48 pages).  I have decided only to create on one side of the inner pages, simply due to the knowing with the bulk of the layers, it won't handle 48.  

Of course I need to create a cover spread, just so I knew which journal to grab on the fly (hehehe).  So you can see I have my bin (okay, one of my bins) of Vintage Papers and such in front of me and ready to go.  I am using Strictly Collage Pauge for adhering on the cover as I want it all to be not only secure, but preserved.

Once again, you can see I laid out what I thought was going to be my cover.  The base sheet is a vintage ledger that I really didn't want to part with...but since I have more... 

I usually look back on the photos as I start to rebuild my page, but alas...I didn't this time around. Bummed as I really like this collage set up better than the final.  But as we all know, that is okay...I have the photo - so we can rebuild!

I am now starting to put it all back together now...

Thinking you have probably seen enough photos of the layering affect - let;'s just get to the good stuff.  You can see I added some more goodies - like this vintage photo that came in one of my recent Etsy finds. 

Here are a few close up - you can see all the bits and pieces that have been included. Goodies such as  punched vintage papers, torn vintage pages, washi tape,  along with the vintage fibers, music sheet and wax seal that was part of some packaging from my last Etsy find.

So love how this turn out, that I flipped open my book and started another right away...and apparently didn't take any process pictures!  But here is the low down...

Using the base of the printed tissue paper left over from an earlier collage, I adhere it down using Collage Pauge.  My next few layers are sized as follows: 7x6", 3.75x9.25", 4x5"and the strip going across is 1.75x8".  Note that there is a folded edge of about 1.5" which would take the strip down to  6.5".  I am always staggering and moving around the layers until I get it to where I am happy with balance and focus.

You can see I added yet another layer within the fold over which was simply a scrap that was on my desk left over from a previous page. I secured the fold with my Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher.

I added a rub on from an older Tim Holtz Remnants that is not being made anymore (sorry).  As you can see I wasn't overly concerned that it did not rub off as it should -'s only a rub on, some of the best oops are pure gold!  Don't be afraid to use up odds and ends of your rub ons.  You can use them as the base of your page (ooo, there's an idea), simple accents or form your own layers of goodness on misc papers and tags!

Here is a shot of the final page - simple, but rather fun!

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