Monday, July 11, 2016

Who or what am I inspired by today you ask?

Believe it our not, I was inspired by a video I started watching by Jeanne Oliver for her Mixed Media Vintage Girls.

Jeanne is a very talented artist, her site is loaded with inspiration.  This is a free workshop.  Again, you simply have to just register on her site.

Here is a take on the Vintage Girls video (so far)! I did not get to the end of the video (I know, you too, can relate right?!) as inspiration struck and off I went.

I continued to work in my Urban Journal and decided to work on the Ranger Manila Cardstock.  I decided I would go through my bins (yes, I literally mean BINS) of papers, this one is a very old Stampin' Up paper pack I believe is called Botanical (Gardens?). I pulled out the papers that spoke to me the most and started tearing and adhering down. This time, I chose to more carefully adhere the papers down with Gel Medium making sure to only get it on the back side of the paper as I did not want there to be any chance of next layers (which would be paint) to be rubbed off as I layered them.

Next, I scraped on some Liquitex Super Heavy Gesso

I scraped it around somewhat heavily in areas as I wanted to use one of my favorite mark making tools...a small circular plastic canvas blank.  At first I was hoping to get the imprints of it, but I had not added enough Gesso, so I simply rubbed it over the application areas and smoothed it out.  I really looked like a vintage plastered wall in those areas.

I decided on my DecoArt Americana Deco Chalky Finish Acrylic Paints to color this page.

I dry brushed each color using my Dina Wakley Media Stiff Bristle 1" Flat Brush.

Tried to be light handed as I still wanted the papers below to show through(ish).

Once I was happy with color placement, I again added some Super Heavy Gesso using my palette knife.  

Thinking it needed some black, I had my Dina Wakley Media Paint Combs sitting right beside me on the table so simply pulled out a handy Tulip Pouncer and my Memento Luxe Tuxedo Black Ink and went to town.

Added a bit more of the Super Heavy Gesso so I could get the texture I wanted with my little plastic canvas round blank.

I have left the page at this point as I really love the look of it as is right now...

...but we all know that will not stay for long! Inspiration and temptations are out there and no one knows when it will hit and I confident this page is far from done!

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