Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Oh My Poor Neglected Blog!

It has been a busy fall and yes, I have neglected my blog!  I have been trying hard to keep up on Facebook though if that is any credit?!

Seems like most of you did not take much time off this summer - you have been busy creating (unlike myself)! I really did have good intentions - just unable to follow through! We did a lot of yard work so that kept me on my toes as did all the orders coming in! You all really put me to shame!

So what is new you ask - TONS! I was so happy when stock was leaving the shop as fast as it came in, I was able to get the site down to the low 300's for pages - well, that didn't last!  There is so much new stuff out there and you all want it!  So who am I to say no! With almost 5400 items in stock - I am busting at the seems.  There are 140 pages of SALE items and I am always adding to it, so be sure to check it out regularly!

Just in this week....

More due in later in the week and then again early November!  Many collections will be brought in only this one time and not restocked, so get it while you can!

Head over to the site now and see what's ready to go!

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