Friday, April 29, 2016

Weekend Junket #09

Here we go...April's final set of prompts:


Colors/feelings that Inspire...SPRING

What do you feel like or what colors do you think of when you think of spring?  Use that as yet another inspiration for your project(s) this time around.


add character - draw an element (leaf, feather, tree, etc)
technique - decoupage paper
tool - palette knife/hotel key card

At times I may find it interesting to put a twist on the prompts is to use the term....
Use something NEW, something OLD something BORROWED and something BOLD!
Now understand that I may not use the above on every challenge, but  I sure am gonna try!  

Here is my take...

This is where "the tale of three pages"  began!  My choice of goodies - Craft Consortium Decoupage Papers in Flutter of Butterflies, Prima's  Finnabair Art Basics 2" Silicone Brush along with a hotel key card and Catalyst Wedge. Finally a few choice pens and pencils - Grease Pencil, Faber Castell Pitt Pens in Black & White.

I layered on a very heavy coat of Liquitex Super Heavy Gesso with my Finnabair Brush (which rocks btw)! Smoothed out where needed with a key card.

Applied the Decoupage paper to the spread while it was still wet and pushed it in good and smoothed out and/or crinkled as I wanted.  Applied a few scrapes over top of the gesso and applied water to wash it out.   

Now I thought I might was well try one of the newer items on this page (why not, right) - not quite what I was expecting, but kinda enjoyed it I must say!  It is Prima's Finnabair Art Extravagance Rust Effect Paste (sorry, out of stock). Colors included in the pack are Brown Rust, Red Rust and Gold Rust (l-r).  Again, applied using the Silicone Brush quite thickly. 

While it was still wet, I literally hammered it with (spritzed) water and tilted the journal so I could get drips.  

now it has to dry...over night! 

Okay, once again I will apologize for lack of carried away, frustrated and then excited again!  There are so many layers of paints and creams it is hard to tell - but it really looks awesome.  The texture really came through on the decoupage paper. You can see in the background a few of the colors I used - DecoArt Media which are becoming a quick fave of mine.

I sketched out a branch/leave using my Grease Pencil

Added color with my finger - Quinocridone Gold and Medium Grey. I blended (okay, smudged) the lines then added scribbles using my Fineline Applicator

Now it was time to work on the other side!  I was stumped for a bit on this one, loved it as is, but knew I wouldn't be content to leave it alone.  So added lines using the Fineline Applicator.


Nope...time for some water! Really enjoy the bleeding of this!  Let it dry totally before going onto the next needed some white! 

Or so I thought!  Tried using my Faber Castell White Gelato  through a stencil...didn't work.

Pulled out my DecoArt Media Titan Buff Acrylic Paint and sponged it through my Crafter's Workshop Stencil Chevron (TCW227).  

There you have it!  Actually quite like this one - turned out better than I expected after all the issued I had (see post Tale of Three Pages).  Thanks for stopping by.  Next post is May May 13!

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

a little inspiration....on tuesday

This past weekend I took a few hours each morning and made time for me.  This is what came of it.

This is the continuation of the 'Tale of Three Pages" saga - this was me trying the idea using Tissue Paper (in this case, 7 Gypsies Collage Tissue Creme Silhouettes) and Matte Medium.  Being a bit sheepish this time around, I only applied the Matte Medium with a palette knife in a rough application and laid the tissue over top and let it dry fully.

I tore off the tissue where there was no matte medium, it was a bit bare in some areas so I simply added more to the spots and once again let it dry.

I applied a coat of Clear Gesso  so that the next layers would grip and also allow me to wipe away what I wanted.  When the Gesso was dry, I applied some Titan Buff paint using my Silicone Brush.

This is where is might have gone a bit sideways!  I was thinking I would use my DecoArt Antiquing Creams and continue on with the peeled paint effect... 
Again, applying with my Silicone Brush, Once dried, rubbed off with baby wipe.  It was too dark for my liking, so scraped on some more Titan Buff. 

Now went over with a coat of the Grey Antiquing Cream and once dried, thought I would ghost through a stencil (Crafter's Workshop Viva la Art TCW488)

Was liking how it was going, so continued on using a few of the Tim Holtz Layering Stencils (Lattice Work THS019, Chevron THS024, and Numeric THS054) 

I liked it, but once again, got ahead of myself and ended up covering it all with the Cream before sealing it so it too would not come off...oops! So thought I might try going the same root again, but stopped part way through when I figured I was not going to get the effect I had intended. 

So more paint (antiquing creams) it was! 

Tried doing a few ghosting passes , but was again not getting what I wanted.  This time I was using the Tim Holtz Layering Stencil Countdown (THS058)

Then I ended up adding a few passes with the Industrial (THS051) stencil as well. 

Now I pulled out my DecoArt Chalk Paints and applied them over some Dorland's Wax.  I applied the wax using my finger over the areas I did not want the paint to stick.  Once it was dry, I rubbed off with baby wipe.

I repeated the same technique however this time I used a different color paint.

You can see I tried using a Dina Wakley Stencil (Alphabetic) but was not getting a crisp enough image. 

So I decided to apply some of the next layers using a brayer.  I ended up blending two of the DecoArt paints to get a color I was happy with (American Decor Chalky Finish Rouge and DecoArt Media Antiquing Cream English Red Oxide).

Then I thought I would try the ghosting again... 

Wasn't happy - so went in a totally different direction - again.  I pulled out one of my large stencils (purchased at staples) and applied Light Modeling Paste in a jumbled format.  Now it had to dry.

Once it was totally dried, I went over it with a glazed layer of DecoArt Media Burnt Umber.

When I wiped it off, wasn't happy with color, so added another layer, this time glazing with Quinacridone Gold

This is how it sits for now.  Will no doubt go back for more on the right side - but for now...I've turned the page!

My next page was intended to be an abstract painting in my journal...again, not quite what I intended.  I started out with a gesso'd page and pulled out the newest color release from Dina Wakley.  I applied using a hotel key card and a lot of water. 

Not being at all happy with it - I stated to finger paint over it all (still using Dina's paints). 

  I then pulled out my brayer and Dina's Night and brayered over the entire page. I had originally planned on using the Donna Downey Keyole Splatter Stencil (DD015), but then ended up switching to Crafter's Workshop Alhambra (TCW487) 

 This is where this one stands for now as well.  May leave it as is...but you never know! 

Then, if you follow me on Instagram (@w2scrpbk) or Facebook you will have seen me posting a few pages in progress over there too.  Here is one I was working on using the new Faber Castell Paper Crafter Crayons and Gelatos

Using a gesso'd page, I started coloring and blending the  crayons.  I found quickly that I did not like the crayons by themselves, but when I added the Gelatos to the party...woohoo!! 

Stencil Girl Stencil Warped Holes used to ghost with baby wipe.  I moved the stencil around to suit me and get the coverage I wanted.

Sorry, this is where I forgot to take photos!  I laid out a Crafter's Workshop Stencil (the guts part) of  Casey & Penelope (TCW355) along with Sunrays TCW353s (both designed by Dina Wakley).  I sprayed with my mix of airbrush medium and black paint.  I was careful not to spray too much as I still wanted the background to come through.  Once it was dried, I scribbled using my fineliner filled with white paint.

The final one I worked on over the weekend was again using Dina Wakley's newest color release.  Did it in my newest homemade journal (12x12").  Sorry for the lack of photos on this one, but it is pretty easy to follow.  I dry brushed the colors on using my 1" Dina brush (my fave by far).  The colors blend beautifully.

Once dry, I again dry brushed on White paint making sure the brush strokes were visible.  

Now using my Dina Wakley Media Halves Stencil, wiped off randomly in a pattern.  Sometime trying harder to get right to the base while rubbing off the white.

Again, this is where this one stands, really like it - but guessing I will do something more to it eventually.

For now...I am off.  Heading to North Carolina to take part in Donna Downey Studio's Inspired Artist Workshop.  Can't wait to be inspired...

see you next week.