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Weekend Junket #05

Please take this for what it is - simply some inspiration to get you creating!  There are no hidden agendas or objectives, no I have to or else, just some simple prompts to hopefully inspire you to create!

Remember, how you choose to interpret the prompts is totally up to you! You can apply them to an Art Journal, Mixed Media project, Scrapbook Layout(s), ATC's or even Cardmaking, you choose!  Perception is how YOU see things, not me (or anyone else for that matter).  There is NO right or wrong way to take these prompts.

If you choose to partake in the 'prize' part of this challenge, I do have a couple requests/rules.  I need to be able to find them.  So you will be asked to either link it to this post via the links button at the bottom of this post on the blog or put it on the W2 Scrapbooking Facebook page under the coordinating post.  If you choose to post on Instagram, please use the hastag (#) #w2wj_ _ along with the week number.  For example, this week will be#w2wj05

At the end of each month I will randomly draw with all the participants post(s) and they will be awarded a store credit to W2 Scrapbooking! Please note that prizes are only available to participants in Canada and the Continental USA (where the shop currently ships).

Here we go...March's set of prompts:


Colors that Inspire...THE WEATHER

What colors do you think of when you think of the weather?  Use that as yet another inspiration for you for your project(s) this time around.


color medium - gelatos
product focus - aqua pen/water brush
texture - cork

At times I may find it interesting to put a twist on the prompts is to use the term....
Use something NEW, something OLD something BORROWED and something BOLD!
Now understand that I may not use the above on every challenge, but  I sure am gonna try!  

Here is my take on the challenge prompts:

I really want to emphasize that art journaling is subjective and what works for me may not work for the next person.  I simply want to share that how, what and where you create is your choice!  Is is right or wrong...that is up to you!

This time around I thought I would try something a little bit different.  I am not using the 'standard' art journal.  I have a pretty large stash of journals, albums, books and such - so I really want to show that creating in general can be done just about anywhere.  So I dug into my bin and came out with one of my Basically Bare Albums (there still a few left on the site and on clearance, great item to stock up on).  Knowing that I needed to use Absorbent Grounds on my piece so that I would be able to blend the Gelatos and still maintain their vividness, I prepped the chipboard page first with Gesso and once dried I added two coats of Absorbent Grounds and allowed to dry for well over an hour.  I once again knew I wanted to use colors that are not normally in my wheelhouse.  So after digging all the colors out - I thought why not purple.  Well - probably because I only had two shades of it!  So I hit the store shelves and looked at what was there - after seeing how these are packaged, made me think it all over again.  The Blue pack and the Red pack both had purples in why couldn't I use a mix of these?

I started out by scribbling on the lighter shade of blue (Cotton Candy). Began to blend it using my Koi Water Brush, but  quickly stopped that as I was working on a 9x11" page as you can image...that got old pretty quick!

above: the bottom left hand corner is where I began using the water brush - it truly provides the best outcome, but like I said earlier, not a chance I was going to use that little brush for a 9x11" page).  Having said that, you could try using a soft bristle paint brush and water.

I added a second shade of blue (Blueberry) and continued to blend.  I used my finger, the water brush, my spray bottle and even baby wipes.  All worked nicely.  The baby wipe blended beautifully, however it did also remove the most color.

Next came the stencil.  I used Crafter's  Workshop Four Feathers (TCW405) 12x12" stencil and started tracing the outline with Boysenberry so I could blend the colors as a base.  Again, I used the water brush and my finger.

Using another part of the stencil, I tried using it an overlay (which it does not line up by the way), but made it work.  I used Black Cherry as my next color to blend in. 

Now it needed some lightness, so I accented with Lavender, and continued to blend the colors with the water brush and my fingers. 

The water brush really provided nice wispy's too.

I was still finding it a tad too dark - so I spritzed it with my water bottle, really trying to focus on the feather. Then I dabbed the page using my craft rag.

Really liking how it was coming along - almost makes it look like I had used a mica spray.

Now it was time to use the next prompt - cork!  Ya, I may have cheated a bit on this one.  I have a basket full of corks and this one is an old one - snagged it off my girl Nicky at one of our Bittern Lake trips as she always provides Mimosa's and when the cork flew one morning I snagged it when she tried to put it in the garbage...daaahh! 

I dipped it in my oh so clean water and then 'stamped' it on the page. 

I thought it was not looking much like a feather anymore, so I decided to rein it using my Faber Castell Big Brush Pen in Black.

I will say, it is harder to blend the pitt pens on absorbent grounds verses gel mediums - but I do still like the results.

I wrote out my quote using my Faber Castell Big Brush Pen in Black. 

Thanks for stopping by.  I look forward to seeing your version(s) of the prompts over the month.

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Next set of prompts come out March 18.

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