Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Crafty Me...

yesterday I left Glenda's feeling oh so inspired...

Though it would be a good time to start doing some of the projects inspired by the recent class offered by Stephanie Ackerman - Homemade Holidays 2012.

as you can see it doesn't take much - and they turned out kinda cool!  I added a tag that I had made a while back....what do you think?

 here are a few pictures to show you how I did it, the possibilities are endless!  I just used what I had (thanks to Glenda having the Christmas Bulbs)!

I started with a 10x10" sheet of 7 Gypsies "Paris" Tissue Paper..

crumpled it up...

added some ink...

and some more ink...

opened up the crumpled mess and added yet some more ink!

oh, and why not a bit of stain!

took the top off the ornament so I had somewhere to put my finger when I applied....

Ranger Glue & Seal (Matte) all over the outside !

place the bulb in the centre of the tissue paper...

and start wrapping it up!

tie your cute little package up (put on the little topper again before you finish tying up your knot).

I 'sealed' it with more Ranger Glue n' Seal!  Made four, three are more or less the same the the last one I decided to see what it would look like without having the tie at the top...not sure I like it - have to add something to it!

now, onto the next project!

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Sorry it has once again been a has been uber busy and as usual you are all keeping me on my toes!

True Scrap 4 (hosted by Lain Ehmann at ScrapHappy)  was a blast and met many new friends and now of course my mind is going non stop with all the new things I want to do (I know, that's a good one right...SQUIRREL)!  The shop is once again overflowing with new product (and a few restocks).  You will be noticing a few changes over the next few months so be sure to stay tuned!

You will notice that I have put on many of Tim Holtz's stamps and dies on sale - just in time to start preparing for his 12 Tags of Christmas (or if you are following along with 12 tags of 2012)!  I have so much of these, it is time to downsize a  bit - lucky you!

I am off for a weekend for me on November 8 - 11 so note that there will be no shipping on those dates.  If an order arrives early enough that morning, I will do my best to get it out - just no promises.  I will email you back if I can't get it out that day.

Well on that note, I best be on the run.  Loads to do today and we are half done already!  Have a creative one....

Friday, October 19, 2012

True Scrap 4....


See the resemblance?  
Trust me...she is a superhero to keep all that on track today!

What can I say so far....What a blast!  I can also say for sure that thankfully hubby and son were away!  I would have had a hard time doing it all (did you see all the new stuff I put in the shop?)!  Tomorrow should be interesting....

Today we s t r e t c h e d our sketches, tried Hybrid, showed how it was done...with the Boys (guy layouts that were AMAZING, and very inspiring), got our BUTTS out of the RUTT(s) many of us were in, got to the Core of it all, played some TAG and got DIRTY!

Anyone else taking part in this 'marvel'ous event?  Would love to hear what you think of it!

Tomorrow is going to be interesting, may have to lock myself in my shop with the door closed and see what happens when I open the door 9 hours later...wish me luck!

In the words of our faithful leader...."I'm the best there is at what I do,"  well okay it is not our faithful leader, but is it Lain's (not so) secret crush!

k, enough with with super puns (just can't help myself)!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Down with Donna!

Ever had one of those days when you know you have stuff to do (in the shop for me), but all I want to do is create......bahahahaha - like that would ever happen! Chances are I would probably continue to surf the WWW!  Well guess what...that is what I have done and here is a great one!

Head over to her blog HERE and check out the video!  My only question to Donna is, "How the heck do you get such amazing looking splats?!"

k, now back to work for me (or will I)!!!!!?????

Monday, October 15, 2012

Taking a Class(es)!

I have been doing the usual amount of surfing the net and have made a conscience decision to take some classes!  I need some inspiration for something 'different' and I am sure you can all relate.

This once is from Stephanie Ackerman, a favorite blog I frequently go to for inspiration.  Her style is amazing and one would think really hard - but NO, she gives great instruction and her ideas are fantastic!  Head over to her blog for some inspiration of your own or to take the class (it's not too late, it starts today)!

Another one I have signed up for is True Scrap 4!  Hosted by Lain Ehmann and this year she has lined up...

Inspiration and Education from 15 A-list instructors…

Five virtual project make-and-takes…
Pre-Event PJ Party…
Virtual goodie bag…
All for one low price…
All from YOUR computer!

Classes start Friday October 19 and run through the entire weekend! Hope to see you there!

Here are some of my other favorite places to take some classes - either on your own time (also known as Self Paced) or on the sites schedule are:

Well, on that note, I am off to get some work done...enjoy your day!

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Selected Tim Holtz's Stampers Anonymous Stamp Sets, Alteration Dies and Folders are on sale!  

In stock items only and once they are sold 
out they will not be restocked.  
Great time to get the ones you always wanted, work on those tags and projects!
Head over to the shop now!