Thursday, August 28, 2014

** GIVEAWAY ** (Closed)

I know I am just a tad late on getting this up over here - but if you have been flowing me over at Facebook, you will have already heard about it and joined it!


You have heard me talk about The Pink Camera a few times now and I was fortunate enough to be invited to partake in their Podcast last week (Ode to Gesso).  Together we are offering a wonderful giveaway perfect for those just getting into Art Journaling as well as perhaps a new twist for some.

You MUST post a comment in response to the question(s) asked here. comments at both THE PINK CAMERA and W2 SCRAPBOOKING to be eligible for the prize. Giveaway closes MIDNIGHT August 28 2014 (MST).


Be sure to subscribe to The Pink Camera's Podcasts via iTunes (Coffee Time with Sandra and Lisa)!

**  UPDATE:  Winner...Dollie Boyd!!!  **

Friday, August 15, 2014

New Releases from RANGER!

I had about given up on getting any new releases for Dina Wakley or Dyan Reaveley for this summer when BAMM!! There they finally show up on my feeds!

Here are the releases from Ranger (to see the complete release, check HERE).  I am bringing in (for now) just the ones I have shown below.

Dina's release has me very excited!  Her stamps and stencils have my mind a whirl with ideas already! I think right now, the two stencils that I am attracted to are of course the mosaic and the queen - what about you?  As for the stamps...ya, all of them!!
 Now for Dyan - oh my oh my!  Definitely after Strength, Surrender & Survivor in the stamps (so me).  As for the stencils - for me it is Diamonds, Arrows and Stars.  You?
If you have already got the Black and Red, then you are sure to want the Blue (right?)! I am so in love with these pens - write over everything I have tried so far!  I will for sure be adding a couple more of these to my tickle trunk! 
These Artist Brushes are great!  Great price point and since there are a variety of shapes and sizes in the package, great starting and adding point for any journal/mixed media project!  Don;t quote me on it, but I am pretty confident that these are the same as the previously sold  as Claudine Hellmuth Studio Artist Brushes (still by Ranger though).

These items are all due in before the end of the month!  Be sure to watch Facebook and W2 Scrapbooking for updates (and you never know, maybe even here on the blog!)

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Art Journaling

I get so many questions in regards to art journals and the journaling process.  It is a very hard (for me) to try and explain - simply I do it because I find it a creative outlet for me to experiment with 'stuff'!  Does it always work out, heck no...but I am okay with that! There is no right or wrong way to art journal.  But it is important to remember that your results may differ from theirs if you don't follow the same process.  An example of this is if you are seeing a page done in a Dyan Reaveley Creative Journal and your have a Watercolor Paper Pad, chances are pretty good the results will not be the same - does this mean it is not right? Of course not, but just don't expect to have the same results, it really is that simple!  I primarily use my Dyan Reaveley Creative Journal, but there are so many other mediums out there!  You can use simple dollar store compostion books (just remember you may have to double up the pages, or adhere another paper medium onto it), Moleskine books (in Canada I get mine either at Staples or online at Amazon), Strathmore pads or journals.  One of my favorite items to use are my older Canadian Scrapbooker Magazines.  The quality of the pages in this magazine are equivalent to those of the expensive European mags out there!  Simply gesso or cover with your favorite paper medium and fill 'er up!

I could keep writing forever on this topic, but think I should let it be done by the professionals!  So here is where I will pass it off! I was looking around the 'net the other night and came across this site!  Aside from it explaining it her way, she also offers a FREE Art Journaling 101 where you can sign up for here.

I have not had time to read all the lessons yet, but I have seen so far, I am impressed with her simple explanations and help on were else to look.

Where do you look for inspiration? The internet of course (Pinterest, YouTube, Blogs) and then there are always books (library or stores).  Trying challenge blogs, groups, asking questions, doing your research.  If you want to kill an afternoon (okay, a day or two) simply type in art journals into a google search, and we'll see you in a day or two or....

My journaling has changed immensely over the last 5 years one of my first pages was simply spraying inks over a page and stamping a few images over top.  No blending no dimensions - but at the time, that is all I knew how to do in an art journal.  Then I discovered a few blogs and you tube channels that did more than the usual sprays and inks.  I saw what were similar to a scrapbook layout to true mixed media (enter Finnabair)!  Pretty well once I saw Anna's work, my style changed.  I became even more daring and wanted to try even more out of the box type techniques.

A great tip for finding more inspiration; if you take for example, Finnabair's style, head to her blog and check out the side panels.  Here is where you will find that she post her favorite blogs and inspiration sites.  Most blogs have this, so if you like Anna's style - you are pretty sure to like the others she suggests!

Another great tip - this time for Pinterest - do your search (art journals) and this is something that you will find...

The tip comes now...when you click on a image of something that catches your eye it takes you to it's own page like here...

most people tend to just hit "pin it" which of course is something you should do, but don't forget to scroll down! Below that are loads of related boards and pins and therefore links to more creativeness!

From here you could easily get lost for a week as the same process can be done an each and every board & pin!  So it is important to set your sights on what interests you the most and try your best to stay on track.  Create boards within Pinterest that make it easier to go back to afterwards (ie. videos, how to, techniques, etc if your Art Journal board gets too big)!

Here is a link to my Pinterest

What are some of your favorite sites for art journaling?  Here are just a few of mine...

Let's not forget about You Tube either - again, do a search "Art Journals" and you will not be disappointed!  Here are a few of my favs (not to mention many of the ones listed above have channels too)!

Well, guess I should stop babbling on for now, hope you are having a wonderful summer and getting to spend loads of time with your family and friends!!

Be sure to check out W2 Scrapbooking's Art Journal/Mixed Media page for loads of great products!