Friday, August 19, 2016

Weekend Junket #17


add character - add used/scrap papers from your work station
inspired by/muse - Jodi Ohl
product focus - high flow acrylics

Have some creative fun this week and push your creative exploration!  Explore this Pinterest board and use an image that catches your eye and use it as inspiration for this weeks prompts.

If you are comfortable, simply use the image (and the image alone) to create your page.  Do not go further by trying to see how the artist actually completed the piece.  This is how I really push my creative intuitiveness.  Once you have completed your own piece - head over to the site and see if there is a more detailed description on how the piece was completed.  I know I am often surprised on how different my process was than the artist that originated the image.

I have once again had a very busy week and had little to no time in my studio this week.  I had hoped to get an hour or two in yesterday but not much luck.  As you read this, I am heading into Edmonton to take a course.  Here's hoping I learn some great new techniques or at least come out with some interesting new ideas!

stay creative...

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