Monday, November 9, 2009

Need Inspiration? Need Organization? Need Help?

I know I do! This weekend I got out of sorts with all the projects I want to do! You all know how easily I get sidetracked by those shiny objects (have you seen that movie Up - I'm that dog that keeps saying squirrel?!)!

Well, Saturday I headed over to one of my favorite places for inspiration and organization... Ali Edwards and who would have thunk it - her post that day was a giveaway for items exactly for that! The one that really caught my eye was Log Your Memory!
Since I didn't win any of her numerous giveaways - this morning I treated myself to the ebook from the site! The link I supplied takes you directly to the part where you can buy it if you are interested. Right now it is on 10% off - so go check it out soon before the sale ends! There are some really cool areas within this site, so be sure to check them out! I really like where they give you some ideas on how to make the book your own!

So aside from that - I did do a bit of creating this weekend - nothing is done, but I did create! Here is a sneak peek!
I am working on my ATC Card Holder (finally) - using my collection of Starbucks sleeves as the dividers (cool idea eh!?), it is going to be my desktop address book! I also played around with Paper Bags - used the usual lunch ones and am about to start on ones from the liquor store (shhh)! The last one is a older mini wallet that is making it's comeback again. Thought I would try using some of my stash of SU! double sided papers because man o man - do I have a lot!
On that note - I am off! Expecting a shipment in this morning so need to get things ready so I can put it up on the site.

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